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The best gifts may not come from the store.

Kindness is the decision to be considerate, caring, and helpful to others through words and actions. Sometimes we can find it hard to be kind to others or even to ourselves. The holidays can be an exciting and happy time for some, but also a hard and difficult time for others. There are many ways to show kindness during the holiday season.

There are many ways to show kindness during the holiday season. A simple smile is a great way to show kindness that doesn’t cost you a penny. Giving someone a compliment or paying for another person’s coffee or meal can be a great way to show kindness. Giving a gift to someone who is feeling down or doesn’t have much is also a great way to be kind.

Sometimes being kind means caring for yourself when you feel upset. This can mean giving yourself rest or doing something that you enjoy to help yourself calm down and feel better.

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.” -Morgan Freeman

The cool thing about kindness is that it causes ripples and can inspire others to be kind as well. Kindness is a way to spread happiness out into the world. By choosing kindness, you are choosing to help others, and show that you care.

Learning to show kindness is also a great way to practice gratitude and help you remember the things that you are thankful for in your life. Acts of kindness come in all shapes and sizes and can be done by anyone.

In what ways can you spread kindness today?

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