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Project Subscription Boxes at Your Doorstep

Project-based learning, inspiring and giving tools for creativity to students.  

Past Projects Now Available

How It Works


Choose Your Box

We have a variety of Art and Science Subscription boxes. Choose the box that fits your child's interest. 


Select Your Subscription

Two types of subscriptions to choose from.


        1. Monthly Subscription (Cancel Anytime)

        2. School Subscription (4-months semester)

(School Subscription through Charter Schools, or Schools that provide enrichment vouchers.)


Enjoy Delivery

Boxes are delivered directly to your door.

Shipping is always free. 

Our Boxes


“As a homeschool mom, I appreciate the time you take to put together these hands-on activities and direction booklets. My boys have learned so much and I feel like a good mom because I don't often take the time to put these types of activities together! They are happy and so am I! Fun and bonding time for the 3 of us.”

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