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What is Open Roads Learning?

Open Roads Learning is the perfect way for you and your kids to explore the world around them and stay engaged with learning. Each month, we will deliver a box filled with themed activities and educational materials, designed to bring out your child's imagination and help them learn in a fun and creative way.

We offer free shipping and you can pick a box that fits your child's interest. Whether you're looking to introduce your kids to science, engineering, or art, we have something for everyone. Let Open Roads Learning be the vehicle that takes your kids on the journey of learning!

How does it work?


Choose Your Box

We have a variety of boxes to meet your needs. Choose the box that best fits your child's interest. 


Select Your Method

Three ways to get started.


  • Single Month Order

  • Monthly Subscription (Cancel Anytime)

  • 4 Month Subscription (School Orders) 


Enjoy Delivery

Boxes are delivered directly to your door.

Shipping is always free. 


“As a homeschool mom, I appreciate the time you take to put together these hands-on activities and direction booklets. My boys have learned so much and I feel like a good mom because I don't often take the time to put these types of activities together! They are happy and so am I! Fun and bonding time for the 3 of us.”

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